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SR-1 Snoshoo fans
We are announcing the debut of the SR-1.1. It is something we've been thinking about for a number of years, and is an evolution of the original, with a new wing design and a complete fuselage shell, while retaining the same fuselage structure and tail group, with a couple minor mods to accommodate the new wing.

The original SR-1 Stockbarger wing was designed to fit the Shoestring fuselage attach points and around Ray Cote, who was maybe 5'6" tall. The wing was designed with a rear spar carry through, which limits pilot height to about 5'8". The airfoil section is thin (8% at the root, 6% at the tip), which makes for a fast wing on the straights, but not optimal in the corners.

The new evolution of the aircraft incorporates a number of design goals.

The Wing

The Fuselage Shell

Four sets of fuselage skins have been produced so far. One set is flying, on "Limitless". Look him up on Facebook.

We've included a traditional 3-View of the new aircraft, but have also included a 3-D rendering of the aircraft to play with and inspect. You can download the .pdf and needs to be opened with Adobe Reader to make it work.


Alan VanMeter & A.J. Smith

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